Los Penasquitos Canyon

Los Penasquitos Canyon

For a state that has almost all ecosystems in it, the Canyons are something worth checking out, you never know what you are going to find and today we found a waterfall. And by we I mean Brian (Previously just known as Boyfriend) took me to Los Penasquitos Canyon, a place he used to go regularly and tucked away in PQ’s canyon is a sweet, bubbly, little creak.

There are several entrances to the the canyon, you can start from the beginning and go to the end (6.1 miles) or you can hop on to one of the many side trails that merge with the trail. The trail itself is perfect whether your on horse back, bike or simply taking a walk and has a few places worth checking out along the way. Although I didn’t hike the entire 6.1 miles (I did black mountain again last night and completed the four mile hike in just over an hour) you can see from the roadside just how vast the different environments the canyon has in just that stretch of space. By the way, not only is this trail friendly for Horses, Bikes and people it is also stroller friendly which makes it an awesome family friendly hike.

We started out at a trail head that connects Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail and where Park Village Rd connects with Dormouse Rd and quickly found some interesting plants to investigate. Eventually we met up with the two lane trail where we came into contact with.. Dare I say it.. Nature! *GASP!* In the heart of a city (OH NO!) Meanwhile all the noises from the road sides had gradually disappeared into the hot afternoon sun and were soon replaced with the sound of birds and all sorts of unknown creatures skulking around in the tall grass. At one point we thought we may have heard a Rattlesnake so we kept moving forward as not to disturb it. When you eventually get to the turn to take to get to the water fall there’s a cute little sign pointing the way surrounded by this cactus shaped like a bunch of mittens all connected together (if someone finds the technical name for that type of cactus, I would love to know more about it.) In the desert you get so used to the color brown it just kind of shocks you when you come back to a surplus of green around you, especially when not five minutes before you almost stepped on a very tiny lizard that blends in with the ground.

To get to the waterfall from the trail you take a small stairway down to some HUGE boulders that jut out above the river. Now here is the thing, the waterfall isn’t particularly large (in fact it’s rather small) and it’s really really hard to get a good look at it but there are all these little mini-waterfalls leading up to the slightly-larger-than-a-couple-of-feet-waterfall that sounds like heaven to deprived ears. Just taking the time to sit and listen to the sound of the world around you here more than completes the hike and although the water is too shallow to swim in, it is just right to dip your feet into for a little while.

This hike is fantastic if your looking to kill time, get some exercise, have a little family time or just looking to relax on your own. Hike ?/10, I will post a rating once I hike the entire loop!!!

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