Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

So a few days ago I got up extra early to hike Iron Mountain. It was a cold kind of rainy morning which was perfect because this entire 3.5 mile hike has no shade the entire time. All the trails are fully exposed to the elements although that’s not always a bad thing.

The hike starts out really easy on a wide trail, that seems wide enough to fit a car on, that goes straight into the heart of two mountains. As the path continues into the mountains it starts to dip and turn, getting a little more wild as you go. In some areas you need to scale around wide boulders that intrude into the pathway of the trail. Once you come to a T in the road you will be able to continue to the right to take the Iron Mountain trail. This trail is not very strenuous, that is to say that it is not nearly as steep as Black Mountain. There is a Helipad on the mountain side should anything happen to you and there is evidence that people take their horses up the trail. As I was personally hiking the mountain I noticed a lot of people run up the mountain, using the extra stone sticking out here and there as obstacles to get the toughest work out they can.

One of my favorite parts of this hike was when we were going up I noticed the mountain had a different smell to it than any other mountain I had been on. It was sweet and I have no idea what plant produces such an incredible scent but it wraps around you perfectly as you hike. It’s not strong but very subtle and should be kept a nose out for. If anyone knows what the plant is that makes it, tell me. I want to bottle it and wear it everywhere, I’m just sayin’.

So Hike 8/10, the only thing that really brings it down is how busy the trail is. This is a very well loved and well known mountain so it seems to generally be pretty busy. View is 9/10, you have a lovely view of some of San Diego as well as the Reservoir and Dam. You can see Black Mountain from the top of Iron Mountain and there is a cool Telescope at the top for you to explore the world with.

Extra cool thing about this mountain is there are always journals and note pads for people to sign once they get to the top. I bet you can’t find my signature!!!

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