Best salon experience ever. Of all time.

So as you can imagine I’ve had a lot of different hair stylists in my adventures despite the fact that I get down right picky about who touches my hair. It’s a trust thing, you do well with my hair and I will let you do anything you want to do it within reason, so when I say that this was the BEST Salon experience I have EVER had you can imagine the weight behind it. Who did I see and where did I go? I went to Connie at Porter & Hudson Salon in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Connie and I met through her roommate (my coworker) Jodi and quickly started talking color. I wanted daring, flashy and striking and I most certainly got it.

The Salon is smaller, there’s only two sinks so the atmosphere is really personal. While you are getting your hair done you will probably bounce in and out of some of the other conversations going on within the salon, everyone was very welcoming and kind. It is the perfect place to decompress and relax, and if Connie’s scalp massage doesn’t take you to a awesome mental vacation then you are seriously missing something. Have I even mentioned yet that this may be the best hair cut and color I have ever had done in my life? I left glowing and feeling like a million dollars, the feeling still hasn’t left and it’s almost been a week. It was more than well worth the cost (which was 100% more than reasonable anyway.)

So if you ever get the chance you should ABSOLUTELY check out Porter & Hudson Salon and treat yourself to this awesome place. After all, who doesn’t deserve a bit of Salon Therapy every so often.

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