Hellllllooooo Boston!!!

So this weekend I am in Boston for PAX East, actually that’s where I am writing this. I. Am. SO EXCITED to be here!!! The people are great, the atmosphere is incredible and the cosplayers are breathtaking!!!


At Logan International Airport baggage claim.

At Logan International Airport baggage claim.


I am seriously having the time of my life, and I get to be back on my favorite coast (hello my beloved East Coasties!!!) So here is a preview of the things I will be reviewing here!!!

  • Virtual Gaming Orb from here.
  • Rooster Teeth‘s panel
  • People, Location and Atmosphere
  • Food Access (Because the words Food and Good are totally interchangeable)
  • My first Cosplay Experience!!!!!! Woohooo!!!
  • And much, much more. Tune in!!!

NOTE: If I took a photo of your Cosplay you can find your amazing costumes hereΒ or here!

Now, it’s 3pm here and the day is far from over. I’m going to go play ^_^ See you all soon!!!

9 thoughts on “Hellllllooooo Boston!!!

  1. I was the one in that Link costume with the Mirror shield! πŸ˜€
    I love your Harley Quinn costume by the way! πŸ™‚

    • Hey!!!! Your costume was awesome! I was so excited to see the mirror shield (my favorite in the game) and it was a really nice twist to the Cosplay.

      Thanks, I love Harley, she’s a ton of fun. It was really exciting to do her, especially because this was my first Con ever as well as my first Cosplay πŸ™‚

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