A Grand Adventure

Ahhh this past year has been tough. I left my relationship, moved back to Vermont and most recently moved to Boston, Mass. Sometimes I worry that my life is a little too Eat, Pray, Love but then I remember that that woman was a badass and I really shouldn’t be concerned. This next leg of my life is entirely dedicated to finding myself again and really what’s a better way to find yourself than taking off on an adventure?

Most of you have followed me since I started this blog two years ago when I moved to San Diego, California. You’ve followed my adventures from skinny dipping at Coronado Beach in California to the first time I really tried Bourbon with my friend Art over that Buffalo Trace, now you’re about to come with me on my first major international trip. Let me tell you what, it’s been a helluva learning experience.


First I obviously have had to acquire a passport which has got to be on the top ten list of most exciting things I’ve ever done in my life. When I walked into the passport office I was shaking with antici-pation. Although I’ve gone to Mexico and Canada a couple of times (Canada much more so than Mexico) the times I have gone didn’t require me to have a passport, and the first time I applied for a passport the experience was so awful it left a bad taste in my mouth. This time was much more enjoyable, what can I say, Vermonters are wonderful people. It came in the mail less than four weeks after applying which was INCREDIBLE as I had heard they could take months to come in. Armed with my Passport I prepared myself for the next phase of the trip, planning. Thank goodness for my cousin, Jason, for helping me. He lives in South East Asia, which is where I will be traveling to. As most of you guys know, I’ve been trying to learn Mandarin which has been a tricky enough task without having someone who speaks it fluently to practice with on a regular basis.

This next step has been the most exciting part, booking the flights. Having set dates has only made this adventure even more real. I cannot even describe how over the top excited I am to be going to these two places, I am even getting PADI Dive certified to be able to do these adventures. Bucket list? Swim with Sharks? Oh yes please!!! Again, thank goodness for Jason. He’s been helping me learn the ropes of international travel and conducted the process of booking flights and playing with the international time line. He knows these areas well and has visited them on multiple occasions so he knows the local spots, which makes it even better.

Anyway, that’s going to be all the blogging I do for today ^_^ I need to get through the knowledge portion of my PADI Certs so when I get to SE Asia I can get water time and get my certifications ^_^ So excited!!!



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