Host Stand Fun and Thoughts on San Diego.

There’s always something exciting that happens up at the host stand, whether it’s watching Shake Weight Guy (Anyone who lives in San Diego and spends way too much time downtown knows who I am talking about) or dealing with a man who clearly is coming off of some sort of drug walking around with a gun and muttering to himself. Least to say Gun guy was the other night. Let me just put it out there that the entire time I was living in New Orleans I never saw a person pull out a weapon, I saw plenty of people arrested for being drunk angry slobs but not one pulled out a gun and started waving it around. Not that I knew what to do anyway, my first response was to call Brian who is the gun Guru of the house and the conversation went something like this:

“Uhm… There’s a guy walking around in front of the restaurant caring a gun… Is that even legal here?”

“Wait, what?!?!”


“Why are you on the phone with me, call the police!!!!!!”

And so we did. I didn’t, but my manager, K, did.

Least to say I have no idea what happened to the guy but it certainly was exciting there for a few minutes and honestly I was more concerned with people’s safety than the fact that he had a gun in the first place. Was he okay himself? Did he need assistance that he clearly wasn’t getting? Was he even willing to get help? How the hell is there so much poverty here?!?!

San Diego is a pretty incredible place, it has mostly perfect weather year round and the hikes you can find here are amazing (see Black Mountain.) It also has it’s issues much like any other city. To be honest, this has been the hardest move I have made in my travels, it has also been the HARDEST culture shock to deal with. At current I am still dealing with the culture shock of the west coast on a daily level and the Poverty level here might be the hardest part of the entire move.

Perhaps it’s because there is such an obvious difference between the higher upper class and the poverty or maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention or sensitive enough to the issue for it to effect me as much as it does here. It may also be the fact that every single day I am at work I watch people dig through garbage cans, beg for change and they seem to mostly do it with a smile and deep appreciation for when they do find what they are looking for or receive that extra parking change you don’t really need. Many of them wish me well on my way to work and cheer me on at the end of the day when they see me head to the car. Many of them know me at this point, they come in and I let them use the restroom or I have volunteered with them before, regardless of how they know me (if they even know me) they all show me respect and I have no problem giving it in return. I have almost gotten into really heated arguments with people who refused to do the same even though the homeless person was just trying to help me help them get directions.

Least to say I have been working on this blog post for about two weeks now to find a good way to wrap it up but I just can’t seem to let it settle and so I am cutting it off here to perhaps be finally finished at a later date.

NG vs. Rattle Snake!!

NG vs. Rattle Snake!!

So as Brian and I tend to do just about every other day we were hiking up Black Mountain. We usually go around 4pm and generally there isn’t too much excitement involving wildlife. Occasionally we will see a bunny and we … Continue reading

NG Vs. The Opossum Round 1

So last night Brian and I were over at his friend’s house just having a beer and relaxing after Brian and I had gone on a vigorous hike up Black Mountain. As per usual we were in the back yard just shooting the breeze when suddenly  I noticed a huge frigging animal scurrying across the fence not even 20 feet away from me. It was seriously the size of a cat. I usually don’t have a problem with wild Animals (we mind our own business and go our separate ways and everyone lives happily ever after) but when I get surprised by animals it’s a whole different story. I managed not to yelp but I certainly let out a quiet gasp that grabbed the guy’s attention as they tried to assess what the creature might be. It certainly wasn’t a cat, Coyote, or even a chance at being a raccoon but then it turned around and looked at us. Let’s just say, I have no desire to get on the wrong side of a Opossum ever.

Opossum: 1. Nerdy Gypsy: 0.