Turning the Cell Phone Off!!!

Sometimes I forget just how dependent I have gotten on electronics as I’ve gotten older and need time to decompress. Today really hit home for me when I got home from work exhausted. I’ve been super sick lately but I haven’t been able to take nearly the time I should have been to be resting. So tonight I vowed to step back, take a break and relax for a while. How was I going to do that? Romance myself of course! It’s always important to pamper one’s self.

So I did just that. I lit a candle, made some tea, threw on some calm meditation music and most importantly I turned off my goddamn cellphone. Then I tried to figure out how to work the bathtub so I could run a bubble bath with chamomile… This did not work out so well. Actually, it just didn’t work out. The entire time I was trying to figure out how to work the goddamn plug (my brain is FRIED) I kept reaching for my cellphone, looking to check it for the time or perhaps a text or a call. I checked it ten times in less than 6 minutes. Well of course as soon as I realized what I was doing I had to put down the phone, step back and wonder just how attached I have gotten to my electronics.

Every single day we are constantly connected, constantly networking and we rarely (if really ever) take the time to shut off the TV, power down the cell phone, close the laptop and really just enjoy time to ourselves. We live in an incredibly high stress environment all the time, we as a culture constantly run our electronics like a white noise in the background. So guys, just make sure you take time to shut things off for a while and relax. Escape the white noise and actually listen to the world around you. Everyone deserves a reset every once in a while.

What to bring on a road trip.

So today we are going to talk about the importance of bringing things on Road Trips that you may need whether or not you are traveling alone or with people (I’ve done both.)

  • Extra water and food. If you break down you have no idea when help may arrive, make sure you have both of these things. The extra water could also be of use if you are having problems with your radiator.
  • Extra blankets and clothes regardless of where you are in the country. I don’t care if you are driving through a desert, at night time it gets COLD. Make sure you bring extra layers for your trip, again if you break down you are going to need these things.
  • Duct tape. I cannot even express how many times Duct tape has saved my bum; that being said you should also have headlight tape in your emergency kit. 
  • Super glue or finger nail glue.. you know, like they use to put on fake nails from Rite Aid. I am not saying you will always be able to do this but one time I fixed a flat tire with a piece of string, a paper clip, nail glue and a can of fix-a-flat. The car made it 60+ miles going 40 to it’s required destination. How’s that for resourceful 😉
  • Good music, because who doesn’t need awesome music while cruising along the interstate or the vast amounts of cool back roads of your country?
  • A spare tire, make sure it’s full of air. We don’t need another Rocky Horror Picture show moment (Damn it Janet!!!) Or do we…..
  • All of the normal essentials: Car Jack, Lug wrench, First Aid kit, ect.
  • A flashlight and extra batteries. These are normally over looked when people are about to go on road trips. Do NOT make this mistake.
  • An Atlas as well as step by step directions on PAPER. I know, I know, GPS is the new thing and everyone uses it but sometimes your GPS wont work (*coughcoughVermontcough*) or you will hit unexpected traffic and will need a different route. An Atlas provides you with not only the route you’re on but all the alternatives you might need. On my trip from Vermont to Louisville the Atlas was my best friend.
  • Tire pressure gauge. I should not need to explain why.
  • A lighter and a knife. These things seem pretty survivalist of me to say but both have come in handy on multiple trips that I have made. No need to go Crocodile Dundee with the knife, just a normal pocket knife will often do as long as it is sharp. If you are stuck in a bad situation there is nothing wrong with having an instant fire-starter and protection. 
  • Plan your stops ahead of time and do not go under a quarter tank of gas. When I go on road trips I often wont allow to even go under half a tank of gas. When we were driving through Texas there were many times where we wouldn’t come near a town or gas station for almost 100 miles. Keep this in mind when planning your stops. 
  • If you can replace the battery in your phone make sure you bring an extra battery or if you don’t mind spending an extra twenty-something dollars get a Solar Cellphone Charger. The one that is linked is one of the lower end ones, often times you can find ones in the same price range that often offer a battery back up so you can charge even when the sun is down. Super useful and if you are in a pinch it could save your life.  

NOTE: DO NOT pick up hitch-hikers. I don’t care where you are or how hot it is outside, if you are traveling alone or with a group, do not pick up hitch-hikers. When you are in a dark parking lot, make sure to keep the car doors locked and the windows rolled up, even better than that just avoid dark parking lots. Be safe not sorry.

That’s all I have to write today! If you find something you believe should be added to the list or any questions please feel free to shoot me a comment!!

Xoxo -Nerdy Gypsy.