The Anniversary

So I never really know what to call the day I left Vermont and never looked back. Lately I feel like this event in my life should have a name and the other night, as I stood naked in the … Continue reading

NG Vs. The Dolphin

So in my adventures I generally come across very odd happenings with animals(see opossums and rattlesnakes for more info,) more often then not my travel buddies and I like to give wild animals plenty of comfortable personal space for some pretty obvious reasons. Of course there are always those couple of people in a group who decide the best thing for them to do is to hang out as close as possible to the wild animal, this is a terrible idea and here is a story of why:

When Brian and I were living in New Orleans we had some friends who lived on the North Shore. The place where they lived was right on the river (is that what you call it?) where a Dolphin liked to hang out by their docks. This dolphin also liked to follow them Jet Skiing and generally just like to play in the wake of the boats. D and L called it their guest because he loved to hang out at their docks more than anywhere else and gave him plenty of space to play with.

Now, as I said there are always one or two people in every group who decide they want to play with the wild animals and generally these are the same people also like to get OUT of the car with your CHILDREN to take a picture with the SUPER cute Bear cubs. Because that’s responsible, right? Anyway, the first Fourth of July I had in New Orleans we went to D&L’s house. I was so nervous about going I could barely talk on the way there and when we got to the house I was shocked at how HUGE it seamed to be, just sitting there on the water. We promptly parked the truck and walked into the party where things seemed to be a whole new level of relaxed. No one knows how to relax like people from the deep south. With in minutes of entering the party we had Watermelon-Jalapeno Mojitos in hand and we walked out onto the dock so we could jump into the water, anyone who knows the deep south understands how utterly hot and humidly miserable it can get in July. With in 20 minutes of swimming we finally had company.

Now, my first response was to get out of the water. I had no problem dangling my legs over the edge of the dock, after all what are the chances of the dolphin jumping out of the water to grab one of my legs when he has no previous history of violence? This thought process of course did not extend to me getting into the water with the dolphin and when I was invited to go swim with the dolphin I politely declined. The two guests of the party jumped in and swam out. As they were swimming we saw the fin dip in and out of the water and then disappear completely, that’s when we heard them get nervous.

“Where is it?”

“I don’t know!”


Quickly they started to panic, the guy who swam out gave out a yell and then started moving as quickly to shore as he could, leaving his lady-friend in the dust as they both got to the docks in shock. He held up his arm to reveal that the Dolphin had actually bit him and it looked nasty. Dolphin teeth are sharp, long and fairly needle like, least to say they can pack a punch even when used on accident. After all Sharks are incredibly curious and as they have no hands they rely on nibbles to figure out what certain things are, nibbles for them are a limb for us, fortunately for W the dolphin was kind enough to give a warning. As cute as they are Dolphins can be violent if they feel you are a threat to them or their pod.

In the end we got W bandaged up and the dolphin stuck around for about 15 minutes before getting bored and harassing some other boaters in the area, one little girl was sitting in front of her dad on a Jetski screamed with excitement at the sight of a dolphin following them.

Least to say the guy was okay, thank goodness, and the lesson was learned.

Question 2:

Question 2:

So for those of you who don’t know, I asked my readers what questions they have and what they may want to read about. This is my response to one of the questions asked, I will link you to the … Continue reading

“Don’t you want kids?”

So obviously when I tell people about the fact that I travel a lot, and that I plan to travel more, they have a lot of questions. Lately the question of whether or not I want a family has been brought up and I want to make one thing VERY clear:

Me traveling now is not sacrificing me having a family later. Also: I am 22 years old and the LAST THING I need is to have a baby.

How does me traveling around the world keep me from ever having a family? I mean it is true that traveling as much as I do makes it hard to have a relationship because I am always on the move and yes that means my relationships tend to not last as long as someone who would generally stay in one place but that doesn’t mean I can’t have one, after all I am about to hit my one year with Brian and to assume that my ability to date is so far deterred by my love and passion for travel is down right insulting. Why on EARTH would I date a guy who doesn’t like to travel, who would keep me from doing what I love so much? If you were a bookworm would you stop reading books because your intelligence might ‘intimidate’ someone? Hell no. You’d keep right on reading, knowing that you’d find someone who would appreciate you for you.

Now you may call me selfish for this, and you would be correct in that statement, but I see nothing wrong with being a little selfish. In fact it’s better that I can admit to it than deny myself the life that I want just so people don’t deem me as selfish. I absolutely refuse to fill a roll that someone else thinks I should fill just because that’s the way they think that life should go. The same reason that I don’t have kids or a desire to start a family until I am done getting all my ya-ya’s out is the same reason I don’t own a dog: They require too much attention. If I can’t even own a dog then how the hell am I supposed to be a parent?

I suppose a lot of this feedback has been because I am a strong, independent, woman who don’t need no man but the fact of the matter is if the first question you are going to ask me about my adventures is “Well don’t you want a family some day?” then you may be living in the dark ages. I can still love, I can still have a family, I can still do all of these things without sacrificing myself and my needs and my wants just to uphold a social standard. There is no reason why I should have to go to high school, graduate, go to a four year college, graduate then settle down and pop out kids. There is every reason why I should travel around the world and travel. There is every reason why I should wait to have children because in the long run, I am still just a really big kid who happens to pay taxes and drive.

Plus, a long long time ago I made a promise to myself and it’s something I have held on to since: The only person I will marry is a person who can keep up with me while I travel around the world. I refuse to give this up.