NG Vs. The Opossum Round 1

So last night Brian and I were over at his friend’s house just having a beer and relaxing after Brian and I had gone on a vigorous hike up Black Mountain. As per usual we were in the back yard just shooting the breeze when suddenly  I noticed a huge frigging animal scurrying across the fence not even 20 feet away from me. It was seriously the size of a cat. I usually don’t have a problem with wild Animals (we mind our own business and go our separate ways and everyone lives happily ever after) but when I get surprised by animals it’s a whole different story. I managed not to yelp but I certainly let out a quiet gasp that grabbed the guy’s attention as they tried to assess what the creature might be. It certainly wasn’t a cat, Coyote, or even a chance at being a raccoon but then it turned around and looked at us. Let’s just say, I have no desire to get on the wrong side of a Opossum ever.

Opossum: 1. Nerdy Gypsy: 0.