A Grand Adventure

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So least to say my studies are going well, but complicated. I really need to make friends with someone who speaks this language fluently because my American tongue is having a hard time picking up the tonal points on it’s own. I was told that the ear to mouth relationship with this language is totally different from American. I am trying really hard to get the pronunciations correct because this is one of those languages where a downward toned word is completely different from the same word with an upward tone. Shaping my mouth around those words is trickier than I thought it would be, which is new for me, I tend to pick up languages very quickly.

Ever since I was a kid language has fascinated me, the history of how we’ve gotten so many dialects is just incredible. Although we don’t know exactly where the origin of language started we do know that today there are about 5,000 different languages spoken through out the world today, a third of these being in Africa alone. Between those 5,000 languages they have been grouped into 20 different families which historians believe each family has a common ancestor of language. The most common language is Indo-European languages which have been around since about 2000 BC. The language I am studying is believed to originate from a group of Nomads from Southern Arabia. Historically speaking the place I am visiting was the hub for incense trade, which made it a very important part of language history.

So, if you know what language I am talking about and want to help me study comment below or email me at: sctottn@gmail.com!!!