The Anniversary

So I never really know what to call the day I left Vermont and never looked back. Lately I feel like this event in my life should have a name and the other night, as I stood naked in the … Continue reading

Introducing the soon-to-be-famous: Pat Dowling!

So the other night at work I had the pleasure of meeting Pat Dowling. Pat Dowling is 26 but his music ability goes beyond his years. Every sound you hear comes straight from him and his beautiful guitar. This video hardly does justice and because I was at work I wasn’t able to get a better video of him doing his thang, I did however get his Soundcloud information and you all should totally check this future rock star out, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed if you don’t.

Best salon experience ever. Of all time.

Best salon experience ever. Of all time.

So as you can imagine I’ve had a lot of different hair stylists in my adventures despite the fact that I get down right picky about who touches my hair. It’s a trust thing, you do well with my hair … Continue reading