I can has Facebook?

So to get as much reach as possible I started a fabulous facebook page for TOTTN!! Now you can see all of my posts and SO many more of the photos I take on my adventures as I can’t post all of them on here (I may or may not be still trying to figure out how to make the most of what wordpress has to offer.)

So come and hang out with me on Facebook! 

xoxoxo – Nerdy Gypsy

The nightmare that is Windows 8

So it’s been a week since I’ve been able to post and I’ve been going out of my mind. Seriously. What happened? Windows 8 happened. When we initially bought this laptop I figured I would just switch back to windows 7 and not have to deal with 8 but NOPE Windows 8 partitions the hard drive (which does nothing for the performance) which means not only would I have to departition (Is that even a word? Can I invoke Creative License?) the hard drive, but I would have to go through a list of all the components to this laptop to make sure there are drivers for all of the hardware available for windows 7. Least to say, I am a little more than annoyed. I hate this stupid app thing and the OS was blatantly supposed to be for tablets, not a desktop or laptop with no touch screen technology.

So anyway, back to the story. About a week about the laptop started acting wonky, mind you it’s only been in use for about two months, it should not be wonky, and it was having a hard time turning on. So I went through and reinstalled windows, because nothing else would work, and got it working again EXCEPT now the wireless card wasn’t working. Well today my insomnia struck gold and I have no idea what the hell I did to make it work (really I don’t remember) but it worked. So I am not going to complain. 

So now here I am: unable to sleep, coffee deprived and nervous about my first day at work. When I return from the place known as work I shall write more!! Glorious!!!

Again, I totally apologize for the lack of posts. Stupid computer.

xoxoxo- NG.

NG vs. Rattle Snake!!

NG vs. Rattle Snake!!

So as Brian and I tend to do just about every other day we were hiking up Black Mountain. We usually go around 4pm and generally there isn’t too much excitement involving wildlife. Occasionally we will see a bunny and we … Continue reading